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Meet Pixe

I’m developing mobile products and give consultations to startups about mobile growth hacking since 2015. After a few years, I established a company in Delaware and gathered all my services under the same roof. Even I had enough experience to keep on what I was doing in a different country, there were some problems regarding legal processes.

Concerns and Overcoming Them

I’m a shareholder a company in my homeland — Turkey- for 6 years and was already aware of the present laws related to the company and getting things done. But doing all those things for my Delaware company was a brand new adventure for me.

It was a time-consuming and high-cost operation to learn all the laws regarding my business. Of course, there were accountants to this work for me but I didn’t have enough budget to pay them and also maintain my business. Without an accountant’s advice and guidance, I was not aware of the key elements of invoicing to my customers. I also had no idea what to do after creating an invoice.

All those high cost and time-consuming operations kept me from growing my business. I tried some mobile apps for tracking my invoicing steps but they were all so complicated and not designed for someone who had no idea about the accounting. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Every Dream Starts With An Idea

While struggling to invoice process I decided to build an invoice app that developed with mobile disciplines. I shared my idea with people who had similar issues with me and I got feedback from them. At the starting of Jan 2019, I decided to create Pixe after the meetup I attended in Los Angeles.

Building up as an MVP

I created a roadmap to building an iOS app as an MVP. I needed a professional designer and developer for my product. When I get back to Turkey I made a deal with a small designing company. I also needed someone to code and to be a co-founder of the app. The support I was looking for came from someone who was right beside me.
Ümit is a computer engineering student at Istanbul Technical University, which is one of the best universities in the country and because of his passion for developing mobile products he took a break from his lessons. When I told my idea and what I wanted to do he was excited more than I can imagine! Within a few weeks, we were already coding to Pixe!

Anywhere, anytime!

We are developing Pixe with the dream of creating a better way to mobile invoicing. We built it for the little guys; the freelancers, the local businesses, and the small teams like us. As a small business, we knew that it’s important to access all invoices anywhere anytime we want. So with our app, it’s possible to access to all invoices and information that you need via online. As Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and regarding that, we designed a simple, user-friendly interface. Pixe is a product purified from the boringness of the operations like invoicing, taxes, etc.

Launch Beta Version 🚀

Eventually, we posted Pixe beta version to Product Hunt on 23 May 2019.


Join Beta

Join us, test the beta version and tell me what you think! 💌




A simple and powerful invoice manager app for freelancers and small teams.📲

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