Introducing Primo and the future of IT Management for SMBs

Martin Pannier


We talked to over 50 small and medium-sized companies over the past year and noticed something in common: IT is everyone’s job… and no one’s job. It’s essential (at many companies, the only pre-requisite to work is to have a computer and access to the relevant SaaS) but it is also a time sink (up to 100 hours per employee per year) and something that can create significant risks (44% of all cyberattacks last year targeted SMBs). As VP of Product at iziwork, I was one of these accidental IT Managers, alongside the CTO, a brave engineer, and the HR and Office Management teams.

SMBs can’t afford an internal IT team until roughly the 300-employee mark. So the traditional way to solve this has been to hire an external IT Manager. Yet that comes with its own challenges. For one, it’s expensive: 30 to 50€ per employee per month. Outsourcing also means communicating over channels such as email or phone, waiting on the response, and monitoring billing, SLAs, and satisfaction. Finally, external IT Managers don’t have the same incentive as you to improve your company foundations. Add all that up and you end with a low industry NPS of just 15.

With IT complexity going from technical (“How do I manage my on-site payroll server?”) to operational (“What level of permission should I give my employee in Salesforce?”), an increasing number of companies choose the DIY route: “Do IT Yourself”.

This has a number of benefits: reactivity, flexibility, and cost savings. But this comes with a number of drawbacks including overhead and loss of efficiency, security risks, multiplication of tools, lack of visibility, and overspending. As a company scales, SaaS creep, remote employees, and the need for better compliance and security make the IT environment exponentially more complex. The admin team, now the accidental IT Managers of the company, struggle to keep up, and the rest of the company suffers.

Scaling a company’s IT is not for the faint of heart

Giving SMBs the simplified IT they deserve and need

Inspired by this shift in how the best companies operate and passionate about creating environments where every employee can thrive, we’re building an IT Manager for the modern age that synchronizes your organization with the technology that powers it. Employees expect better and those supporting them deserve better.

Here’s how Primo helps SMBs deliver the same slick experience as the Googles of the world.

Introducing the Primo difference

  • It’s all-in-one: you can manage all of your IT from it — from device purchasing, through MDM (Mobile Device Management) and security solutions, to insurance and support. Everything is in sync with your HR system, and all the billing is transparent and centralized.
  • It’s operated by you: you don’t need to wait on anyone to get something done, and you don’t need to be an IT professional.
  • It’s collaborative: allowing you to delegate to the employees and their managers while keeping central visibility and control.
  • It flexes up and down with your needs: you can start small with just equipment purchasing, and beef up your IT stack in a few clicks as you go with MDM, Security, or support and insurance.

No matter the size of a business, IT administration takes more time than it should. We want Primo to be your partner to create the strong foundations you need for a strong company.

Sign up for early access to our all-in-one IT platform at Whether you’re the person doing part-time, accidental, or full-time IT management at your SMB, we’re here to support you as you support the rest of your team.

Team Primo