Before You Add Another Number To Your Contacts — Try This

Srinath Rajaram
Feb 11, 2017 · 2 min read

It is wonderful when users figure out how to do something with your App that you had not thought about. I had one such moment recently.

My friend Rakesh is in the real estate business. I had asked him to try Rolo. He loves it and uses it regularly.

Rakesh has an interesting problem. For every listing, he gets about 15 to 20 calls in a day. These calls are from prospects who either want to inspect the premises or negotiate terms. It does not make any sense for Rakesh to add all of these numbers to his contacts. After all, he is not going to speak with many of them more than once or twice.

But he still needs to remember vital aspects of each call just in case a prospect calls back. Rakesh tried keeping notes but it did not work. When he got a call from a number it was damn near impossible to locate a particular note.

When he was playing around with Rolo, Rakesh found out something interesting. It is possible to write notes for numbers that were not in contacts.

He found out that whenever he got a call back from that number, Rolo displayed that note in the Roloscope. He did not even have to search for the note!

I think it is pretty cool that you can actually remember numbers without having to clutter up your contacts.

I recently used this to track the phone number of the guy who came to fix the Satellite TV at my home. I was even able to search through my notes and call the guy back.

If you see the need to remember a number for a week or a month but not longer than that, try this approach and tell me what you think.

Originally published at on February 11, 2017.


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