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Introducing Scatter Marketplace

Rami James
Feb 20, 2019 · 3 min read

We are excited to announce our foray into NFTs!

At Scatter we are very excited about dgoods, the NFT standard for EOS that we are working on with Mythical Games, EOS Lynx, and various other groups. This standard will allow apps and games to create unique items that can be shared, sold, and shown off. We think this technology is exciting because it opens up new opportunities for unique functionality, experiences, and developer’s businesses. NFTs and the associated technologies literally forge new marketplaces.

I think that this is an important point to underline because we at Scatter are strong believers in the power of community and open-source software: a public marketplace belongs to all of us.

So what do we have in store? Read on, I promise you’ll like it.

An integrated experience

Scatter’s strength is that we build a lot of the underlying tech in-house. This means we can tightly integrate popular features together.

Our users push large amounts of traffic through ScatterApps and we are constantly expanding and improving the user experience.

In the near future, you’ll be able to see which of your favorite apps have NFTs. Since RIDL will be released soon, and in our reputation and identity layer literally everything can have a rating, your NFTs can also have a rating. This means that ScatterApps will sort itself to show you the best stuff first. Apps that have been vetted by the community will tell you that they have NFTs that are awesome.

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We think this is killer stuff and are sure that you’ll agree.

A Marketplace for everyone

We have over a dozen partner wallets, from TokenPocket to MEET.ONE who use Scatter technology to connect their wallets to decentralized applications. We think that this competition makes for a stronger, healthier market that benefits everyone.

With that in mind, we are announcing that Scatter Marketplace will be available for use in any wallet that integrates with our awesome libraries. This means that you’ll have instant access to viewing, bidding, selling, and all the other functionality that we provide for use inside of Scatter Desktop (and mobile!).

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Going once, going twice! Sold to the man in the blue jacket!

One of the features of Scatter Marketplace that we are most excited about is the ability to sell your items and have other users bid on that item at auction.

Set a minimum price, an end time, and off you go!

We think that a vibrant community of users will help create a unique economy that will be free to use, and easy to access.

We will be announcing release dates soon

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Medium so that you can stay up to date with all these great up and coming technologies!


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