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Scatter Worker Proposal Fund

TLDR: If you want to skip all the reading, we now have a Worker Proposal Fund in the account “scatterfixes”. Go donate EOS tokens so that we can pay devs to make Scatter better. Go go go.

The long way around

The hard truth is that there is a big gap between being a successful application, and a successful business.

A party of five

The more donations scatterfixes gets, the more work can get done on Scatter by qualified developers who want to be fairly compensated for their time and expertise.

We think that we have built enough of a technological foundation that others can spring-board off of successfully.

What do we think that needs doing?


Ideation for features

Removing all promotional aspects



UI/UX Improvements

Better account creation and account funding

In short, there is lots to do and we’d love a hand.

You can always help support us by voting for our BP candidate “vote4scatter” on the Telos Mainnet.



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