We want to bring your games to EOS and make you money along the way.

Something that Nathan and I have been discussing for the last few months is how we can bring more great games to EOS. The reasoning here is both that we believe in EOS as a platform and that more, better software will enrich our user’s experience when using Scatter. It’s totally a win-win!

But wait, who the heck are you guys?

For those of you who don’t know, we are the guys who build Scatter, a wallet for EOS, Tron, and Ethereum.

We provide a Scatter C# library that you can use with Unity3d, an EOSIO C# RPC library, and we also have our great javascript SDK that hundreds of projects are using.

We are also building a trust and reputation platform called RIDL (https://get-scatter.com/ridl) that is a decentralized way to know who are good and bad actors online.

All of these things together mean that we have a way for users to safely interact with blockchains, manage their assets, and know who you can and can not trust online.

We grew up gaming and our focus is to provide toolsets for games (and other apps) to be more than vessels for advertising, which seems to be where much of the industry is headed. We think that this is a huge infringement of people’s rights and want to do better.

So, how do we quickly bring many quality games to a new platform? Well, gaming consoles have been doing it for years — they port good software to a new platform, and enrich those ecosystems.

We want to license and port your games

This applies to three main groups of developers:

  1. Developers who released on Steam and didn’t see the sales they had hoped for. EOS has many exciting and unique opportunities to help you monetize your game without intrusive ads or privacy breaching technologies.
  2. Developers who would like to expand their audiences onto brand new platforms where they have a first-mover advantage. EOS is brand spanking new and has users with funds in their accounts just waiting to be spent on cool new games!
  3. Developers who only created a prototype and never released their game. If your idea was worth prototyping, maybe it is worth building to completion!

If you fit one of the above criteria, this is the article for you!

We’re looking to license the rights to your games, and port them to the EOS platform. If you have fun prototypes that are gathering dust in your hard drives, let’s finish them!

This deal would include licensing the distribution rights, game code, and/or rights to all digital assets like graphics, sounds, and music.

We have three standardized options for licensing

  1. We pay upfront for a license to the rights of a game for a set number of years, after which we would either renegotiate or the rights would revert back to you to do with as you please. Any changes or updates we make on our end would be ours to keep. The amount we are willing to pay depends on the quality and polish of the game.
  2. We split the profits with a license where we pay upfront and also share profits derived from the game. The upfront fee would be less, but your long-term profits would potentially be higher. Same stipulations as above apply regarding term limits and derivatives.
  3. We purchase the rights for unfinished prototypes that still need development work, we are interested in purchasing the rights and hiring the developer at a per-milestone project rate to flesh out and polish the game for release. If you’re interested in learning EOS and how to work with our systems that allows connecting to these web3 networks, this is probably most interesting for you.

The games themselves would not be put up for purchase as we are not interested in reselling other people’s games. We are interested in monetization via in-game unique items, digital goods and assets, and collectibles.

We have a flexible mindset regarding costs and licensing structures —we want to find an agreement that benefits everyone.

We can pay via cryptocurrency or wire transfer and will provide contracts to be signed.

If this appeals to you, please send us an email to business@get-scatter.com and let’s have a chat about the future of your game.