SCOUT beta v3: Community Report

SCOUT v3 Community Report

Let’s get into it, shall we? If you’ve been with us from the start, you know how much we value and rely on the Fortnite community to give input for the decisions we make within the app. We’ve interviewed and played with dozens of you to learn more about what you think of SCOUT, how we can better match you with ideal teammates, and overall how to make SCOUT an app that actually brings you value — and more Fortnite dubs.

We’ve learned a lot since we set out on this journey. And, we’ve started having a lot more fun…

SCOUT Patch Notes (v3)


STATS — Significant improvements were made to the stats section of the profile page. In addition to your duo and squad stats, you can now view your solo stats as well as a lifetime vs. the current season breakdown.

AUTO-UPDATING EPIC GAMES — When you change your Epic Games name it will now automatically update in SCOUT. Feel free to change your name now, BushCamper007.

LOOSENING UP A BIT — Waiting in queue isn’t boring anymore. We’re now showing you Fortnite facts and gameplay tips while we find your next match. You’ll also notice the copy/language throughout the app doesn’t sound like a robot anymore. Beep boop.


  • Made several improvements to matching flow to add more clarity as to why you matched
  • While in queue, you will now see a waiting timer with an estimate for how long you’ll wait to add transparency
  • While in queue, we show you the settings we;re using to search (platform, mic, play-style, etc.)
  • Added in-app links to our Discord channel to continue to grow the community outside of the app
  • Changed the order of the ratings process — choosing the badges for your teammate is now first

If you haven’t joined SCOUT, you can download it here. Clicking the link takes Android users directly to the Play Store, and allows iOS users to request a beta invite sent by Apple.

Join our poppin’ Discord server here.

Let’s keep growing together!

— The SCOUT Team