Bengaluru not the only IT job sector in India; other metro cities pace up

If you want to get into the IT sector and believed that Bengaluru was the only destination for you, well it’s time to reconsider that thought. Now, the country’s IT hub is not the only place where you can land up a great job.

In fact the jobs that once only belong to Bengaluru are now moving to cities including Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

The analysis was done by youth4 work, wherein Bengaluru at the rate of 30% still has the highest job opportunities for allied and software services. Hyderabad comes second at 19%, Delhi at 17% and Ahmedabad at 12%. The lowest count is for Mumbai and Chennai at a mere 11% each.

As far as hardware engineering is concerned, Bengaluru is still at 30% being the highest. However, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi are also not far behind at 18 and 17%, respectively. Meanwhile, both Mumbai and Ahmedabad at 14 and 4% are at their lowest.

When it comes to the youth being employed in the software division, Bengaluru stands at 28% Hyderabad at 23% and Delhi at 22%. However, as far as the youth employed in hardware sector is concerned, Delhi at 26% is ahead of Bengaluru which stands at 24%. Also, Hyderabad at 20% is not far behind.

When it comes to calculate the amount of jobs aspirants have been looking for in the fields of Software and Hardware, it’s the hardware that wins hands down.

Source: Times of India

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