Google for Jobs; Now on your fingertips

Since the past few years, the answer to almost every question in your lives happens to be Google. Right from recipes to all the diseases you thought you had, Dr. Google had the answer to all of it. However, one thing that even Google could not solve was your employment issues.

Well, the good news here is that Google is here with a job solution too. The most popular search engine on the face of this earth will now have a feature called Google for jobs, the one stop shop for all your employment needs.

Today onward, job hunters will be able to locate help wanted listings that are collected by Google from across the web. The feature will be available in English only on both the desktop as well as the mobile versions.

Not only will the duplication of jobs be eliminated through these listings but the job seekers will also be able to see employers’ ratings from both the former and current employees along with the job locations as well as the time for commute from their respective homes.

The job hunters will have the option of filtering job openings on the basis of date of the job posting, category of job, along with the option of full time/ part time or freelance jobs.

Google is also teaming up with other job related platforms as well as social media platforms including LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, WayUp and Facebook.

Presently, Google For Jobs is only available in the United States, we will have to wait and watch to see how long does it take for job seekers from other countries to enjoy these benefits.

Source: CNBC

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