Obama vs Trump, first six months: Who won in terms of jobs?

It has been about a full 6 months since Donald Trump became president of The United States of America. The president loves to talk about job creation and the good news is that the jobs report of July states that 107 4000 jobs has been added by employers in the past 6 months.

The job data is very close to the 108 4000 jobs that Barack Obama had created during his first 6 months in office. Both are rounding up to around a 1.1 million. the difference is only of about 10000 jobs which happens to be within the error of margins of the Labour Department estimate.

However as far as job loss is concerned Trump has fared in a way better manner as compared to Obama in the first 6 months. During Obama’s initial times around 3.4 million jobs lost this happened because Obama was sworn in during one of the worst economic setbacks since the time of the Great Depression.

Trump was handed over an economy by Obama which is considered to be a full employment economy. The unemployment rate which was at 4.8% on the inauguration Day has fallen to a 4.3% in the month of July.

During a full employment period it becomes difficult for businesses to find qualified as well as available employees for filling in job openings. However, in the coming days the figures on Trump’s side will only improve.

Source: CNN

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