UK’s Best Paying Graduate Jobs

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Fresh graduates in the UK these days are desiring hefty packages from their very first job to pay off various education loans and debts. Glassdoor, recently listed down the top 10 best paying jobs for freshers in the UK to help out the students in taking a wise decision.

Below is the list, in descending order

1. Recruitment Consultant:

A fresh recruitment consultant can easily get a starting salary of £20,000. The job requires understanding the clients’ needs, providing them with the best hiring solutions and building long term relationships.

2. Management Trainee:

A management trainee on average can get £20,000 as a starting salary. Students with great team building and management skills would be the best fit.

3. Structural Engineer:

Students with creativity, knowledge of structural elements/materials and efficient use of funds would fit in this job best. The average starting salary is £24,993.

4. Civil Engineer:

Civil Engineers can easily earn £25,000 from their first job. Students aspiring for a career in this filed should have designing, planning and supervisory skills.

5. Software Engineer:

Graduates with knowledge of designing, installing, testing and maintaining software systems would be the best fit and can easily earn £26,000 as a start.

6. Engineer:

The demand for engineers is huge in all sectors like IT, Aerospace, Electronics, Environment, Defence, Petrochemical, Construction, etc. A fresh engineer can expect a starting salary of £26,500.

7. Mechanical Engineer:

Mechanical engineers are required to design various power generating and consuming machines like boilers, refrigerators, automobiles, etc. A fresh mechanical engineer can expect a starting salary of around £27,000.

8. Software Developer:

Students with expertise in writing, developing, and testing codes along with knowledge of administration systems & networks and interface designs are ideal fit for this category of jobs. Starting salary on an average goes to £28,370.

9. Consultant:

Those who aspire to render advice to companies and business owners should opt for this. The starting salary is decent and is £29,000 on an average.

10. Analyst:

Analysts are the highest paid freshers in UK with average salary of £34,366. An analyst needs to have an eye for data analyses and must be good with numbers and calculations. A good analyst helps draw intelligence out of data which can help management make better decisions; if you can do this, the starting salary can be even more!

Source: The Telegraph & Glassdoor

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