How to figure out if and when friends are available to play League of Legends?

Apr 25, 2018 · 2 min read

Link all your League of Legends smurfs to one account. Global online status feature. See what’s new!

To figure out if friends are available to play, you have to add each other on your League of Legends accounts to see who’s online. The process is pretty straightforward but if you have multiple accounts, like smurfs, things get difficult.

The Problem:
Your friends have to add all your smurf accounts just to figure out if you are currently playing and on which account. As a result, your League of Legends friend list get’s messed up and sometimes you even can’t remember which smurf belongs to whom.

We’ve built a simple solution…

Link all your League of Legends smurfs to your SoJ Profile.

Link all your smurfs to your SoJ Profile

We allow you to add all your summoner accounts to one profile. Just add your friends on SoJ and they will always know when you are playing and which smurf accounts belongs to you.

SoJ is an all-in-one app to find new gamers to play with and chat with your friends for League of Legends. It’s free and works both on your desktop and phone.

Signup and check it our here

Got feedback or a question? Send us a message on our Discord server.

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