New Chat Features: Overview, New Friends, Activity Status & Friend List

Oct 15, 2018 · 1 min read

We’ve made an update. See what’s new!

See what’s new

We’ve re-build the chat menu and added new features to easily figure out if you have new friends on your list and who is currently available to play.


  • New messages, friends and their activity are shown here.

New Friends

  • Friends recently added are shown here until you sent them a first message.

Activity Status

  • Friends playing League of Legends or online in the app are shown here.

Friend List

  • All friends on your list are shown here and can be searched by username.

Gamers Like You — SoJ is a social app for gamers to find friends to chat & play for the computer game League of Legends. It’s free and works both on your desktop and phone.

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Philipp & Sven, the developers


updates from SoJ


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Gamers like you



updates from SoJ

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