See who’s currently playing, League Summoner Account Integration, Official Riot API Access

Feb 26, 2018 · 2 min read

We made an update. See what’s new!

Summoner Account Intergation on your SoJ profile.

Summoner Account Integration with your SoJ profile

With our latest update you’re able to directly integrate your Summoner Account with your SoJ profile and it’s as simple as adding your in-game name and region. And because many players have smurf accounts you are able to add those too.

See who’s currently playing

Once you added your Summoner Account, we’ll show your profile icon, current ranking and online status in League of Legends. No matter if you’re currently playing ranked or the time when you’ve made your last match. Of course for all your integrated Summoner Accounts at once. Those information are only available for your friends (gamers that you’ve accepted) and can’t be seen by someone else. The latest update should make it much easier for you to figure out who’s currently available to play to focus on what we all love to do: Playing League of Legends.

We applied for an Official Riot API Access Key and got accepted

We’re able to show those information through a direct access to the Riot API and your Summoner Account. This enables us to add much more information about your League Account on your SoJ profile in the future and we already have many ideas for what’s next. For now, we hope you like the current update.

Check what’s new in our app

Please let us know if you have any suggestions, a problem with the app or just a question. We’re happy listening to your feedback at our Discord server.


Sven and Philipp

PS: Thanks Riot for accepting our project :)


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