The easiest way to find new players for League of Legends on any platform

Apr 3, 2018 · 2 min read

See what’s new: Unique Profile URL’s.

Unique URL for your SoJ Profile

Now your SoJ Profile has an unique URL that you can share with friends on Whatsapp, Twitter, your community on Discord, the League of Legends Forum or a Facebook group for League of Legends. The URL looks similar like this:

Sharing your link creates a preview of your SoJ profile and other players can send a friend request through that link.

See for yourself how easy it is to find new players in a Facebook Group for League of Legends - Simply share your SoJ profile

Share your SoJ Profile in a Facebook Group for League of Legends to find other players.

Get all information at once and stop writing a wall of text

The link-preview makes it easy for other players to figure out if you’re a good fit, because they see all your important League of Legends information like Ranking, Role and favorite Champions. And if you match their preferences, they can simply send a friend request to notify that they want to play.

Only accept those you want to play with

You just have to check your inbox and accept players you want to play with or decline if you don’t.

See all players at once who send you a friend request. Accept only those you want to play with.

SoJ is an all-in-one app to find new gamers to play with and chat with your friends for League of Legends. It’s free and works both on your desktop and phone.

Signup and check it our here:

Got feedback or a question? Send us a message on our Discord server.

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updates from SoJ

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