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Bacon cheddar veggie scones and finding the right melody with Durand Bernarr

Bacon Cheddar Veggie Sunrise Scones (Image: Orchids + Sweet Tea)

Welcome to installment #55 of GetSomeJoy’s Daily Breakfast Situation, your weekday check-in with recipes, joy-flavored stories, and wellness tools.

Now that working with dough no longer causes nausea and night sweats, I’m looking for more opportunities to Cha-cha slide out of my pie-shaped culinary comfort zone.

I’m a few dozen batches away from taking empanada orders like Grandma, but these Bacon Cheddar Veggie Sunrise Scones by Orchids + Sweet Tea are a delicious and unintimidating pitstop on the road to croissants, bread castles, macarons, and nine-tier gay wedding cakes.

Bacon Cheddar Veggie Sunrise Scones (Image: Orchids + Sweet Tea)

Here is how Shanika describes them:

This recipe boasts a loaded bacon, cheddar, spinach, and arugula filling that is wrapped together well by a flaky, buttery crust that will have you licking your fingers for more. The perfect breakfast or brunch recipe for the entire family.

On behalf of the Anxious Doughworkers community, shoutout to Shanika for the pro-tips one can only offer after the various attempts that helped her perfect this recipe:

Never Over-Mix The Batter, Just Enough to Well Incorporate Ingredients.

Always Add Dough to a Floured Surface Before Cutting into Shape.

NEVER Use a Rolling Pin to Flatten Dough. Only Pat it Around into a Circle.

ALWAYS Use a Very Sharp Knife or Pastry Cutter to Cut Scones into Triangular Shape. This Avoids ‘Drooping’ of the Sides!

Don’t Forget to Brush the Tops!

…because I definitely would have overworked the dough before terrorizing, balling up, and re-terrorizing it with the rolling pin.

Or, try her sweet option: Cranberry Orange Breakfast Scones

Okay. Take a deep breath.

A few things to moisturize your spirit:

I had to learn it’s very ignorant, dismissive and American to think different cultures are the same or should be minimized or compared to other cultures due to our limited knowledge and sometimes willful ignorance.

  • Need creative inspiration? Kern Carter of CRY Magazine has a question for you:

How does hope reveal itself in your writing or through some other personal journey?

When the mind breaks down, plans for the future are thrown into chaos. Naomi Jackson is an assistant professor of English at Rutgers University–Newark, and she joins host Krys Boyd to talk about the series of events that led to her diagnosis of bipolar disorder and the things she almost lost as she battled her way back to health. Her essay “Her Kind” was published in Harper’s Magazine.

Dassit. Come back on tomorrow.



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