Breakfast samosas and setting boundaries with friends, family, and at work

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Breakfast samosas with sweet potatoes by Nik Sharma (A Brown Table)

Welcome to installment #60 of GetSomeJoy’s Daily Breakfast Situation, a weekday check-in with recipes, joy-flavored stories, and wellness tools.

On Sunday, I drove home from Brooklyn to Hampton, Virginia to visit family and support my mother as she recovers from a recent hospitalization. While recharging, helping out with caregiving, and filling in the gaps, I’ll be cooking and baking some of my parents’ favorite things and opening them up to new dishes and cuisines they’ve yet to try.

So far, on the horizon: quiches, empanadas, a good stew, Thai food, and biscuits.

Breakfast samosas with sweet potatoes by Nik Sharma (A Brown Table)

Continuing last week’s hand pie extravaganza, these breakfast samosas with sweet potatoes from A Brown Table would be new to my parents and new to me, too. I think they would love them.

Most popular as a fried or baked stuffed savory Indian snack, these samosas feature flaky rosemary-infused dough made with coconut oil and sweet potatoes, leeks, spinach, boiled eggs, and more rosemary in the filling. Mmmmm.

I’ve had samosas with beef, lamb, chickpeas, and such, but these just opened up a new world of gluttonous possibility. One way I know I’ve grown this year is that dough recipes don’t make me anxious anymore. I’m more excited by the infused dough and the many things I could put inside these triangular treats that traveled “from Central Asia to North Africa, East Asia, and South Asia” and beyond. Sausage? Hash browns?

These chickpea and spinach samosas from Global Kitchen Travels also look amazing. I can see myself gleefully assaulting about 37 of them.

Feel free to drop your favorite samosa or hand pie recipe in a comment.

A few things to moisturize your spirit:

  • Shoutout to kids who don’t give a damn about your feelings and keep you humble.
  • Vinegar Hill Magazine spoke to avid traveler, film producer, and writer on the new animated series Karma’s World (Netflix) and Blue’s Clues & You (Nick Jr.) Darnell Lamont Walker about his creative and professional journey from Charlottesville, Virginia to big and small screens worldwide—and the loving, supportive teacher who nurtured that creativity.

Darnell said of the entertainment industry that, at times, “Some people are being rewarded for mediocrity,” and he said, he is quick to remind people when necessary that, “No, this is not that great!”

  • Ludmila Praslova spoke to the true enemy of professional progress for neurodiverse employees: discrimination.

For a long time, I blamed myself for the bullying I experienced. In every instance, I responded by working harder.

  • In case you missed last night’s GetSomeJoy Twitter Space, listen to the playback of our mental health check-in and resource exchange around setting and enforcing boundaries with friends, family, at work, and beyond.

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