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Chicken waffle sandwiches and a trip to the Rhythm Nation

A chicken sandwich on savory waffles, aka “a mouthparty” (Image credit: Get Curried)

Welcome to installment #22 of GetSomeJoy’s The Daily Breakfast Situation, your morning check-in with recipes, joy-flavored stories, and wellness tools.

Four days into Waffle Week and I’m plotting a waffle-based dinner tonight. It will probably involve yesterday’s loaded potato waffle moment.

Most chicken and waffle recipes and restaurant versions that I see use a sweet Belgian waffle, which is fine, but it’s why the combination tends to feel like an afterthought — as if neither were created or prepared with the other in mind.

“People tend to serve this at brunch, so we might as well ride the wave with this same ol’ dry-ass chicken and this regular-degular waffle.” — too many restaurant managers

Pairing chicken with savory waffles feels more intentional, though the salty-sweet dance gets the job done, too. From cornbread to herb-and-cheese to bacon-spangled, there’s a wonderful world of options beyond the lazy standard. Chicken deserves more than a default accompaniment. So do you. I want you to want more for yourself and your chicken.

I love the savory batter (with parmesan cheese, onion powder, garlic powder, oregano, black pepper, chilli flakes, etc.) that Chef Tarika Singh from Get Curried prepared (for me?). It gave me so many ideas.

Gazing upon the precious, crispy pollo frito, the fellow sandwich enthusiast declared, “True love is deep-fried.”

Now that is worth a (face?) tattoo. I felt so seen.

This becomes a breakfast situation if you put an egg on that bitch somewhere, if you eat it in the morning, or if you deem it so. Breakfast’s only limitations are the ones you create.

Get more ideas via my Pinterest breakfast board.

A few things to moisturize your spirit:

In case you forgot the way Saint Damita Jo kicked in the door with Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814.

Marinate for a bit and give yourself time to write it out. (via GetSomeJoy on Instagram)
  1. I feel the most alive and free when I am…
  2. You’ve won an award for something you did or didn’t do this past week. What’s the award. Write your acceptance speech.
  3. What does safety mean to you? How does it look, smell, or feel?

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  • Today in Black People Laughing:
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See you tomorrow.

Alexander Hardy is a grits-powered writer, home cook, dancer, lupus survivor, and co-founder of GetSomeJoy, a creative wellness agency. He supports communities and organizations with joy-flavored wellness trainings, experiences, and campaigns as a wellness program facilitator. Alexander does not believe in snow or Delaware.



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Alexander Hardy

Alexander Hardy

Grits-powered writer, home chef, & mental health warrior. Founder: GetSomeJoy + The War on Spiritual Ashiness. +