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Fry bakes and forgiving yourself

delicious fry bakes (Image Credit: Terri-Ann’s Kitchen)

Welcome to installment #10 of The Daily Breakfast Situation, your morning check-in with recipe ideas, joy-flavored stories, and tools for The War on Spiritual Ashiness™.

Growing up, my grandmother made delicious fry bakes on many weekend mornings as snacks, alongside fish, breakfast meat, or a guisado. The daughter of a Jamaican woman who brought her first child and her cooking traditions to start a new life in Panama, my grandmother’s bakes were similar to floats, dumplings, hojaldres, and other fried dough treats enjoyed across the Caribbean and Latin America.

At gatherings with family, members of the Gold Teeth Clan, and other Caribbean folks, I’ve had salty bakes and sweet-ish ones with cinnamon and nutmeg (shoutout to the Trinis). All worthy of praise. Quick, easy, and wondrous.

Terri-Ann’s Kitchen has a simple recipe to get you started.

A few things to moisturize your spirit:

  • Good morning to everyone who missed the twerking memo.
  • Over on Shondaland, Malcolm Venable checks up on a trans woman who challenged beliefs on queer identity, acceptance, and lived experiences in a small Virginia town.
  • And good morning to this sweet potato pound cake.
  • Timothy Ward shares a gracious message about forgiving yourself for “unforgivable” things and working towards freeing yourself from emotional weight. Get free, boo.

If you haven’t, download all four Literary Therapy Exploration Workbooks (with mindfulness activities, additional prompts to dive inward, and space to doodle) right here.

Catch up on past Daily Breakfast Situations when you have a moment.

See you tomorrow.

With extra gravy,




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