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Smoothie bowls and “jheri curl soul”

Cosmic Strawberry Ginger Peach Bliss Bowl (Image Credit: Blissful Basil)

Welcome to installment #12 of the Daily Breakfast Situation, your morning check-in with recipes, joy-flavored stories, and tools for The War on Spiritual Ashiness.

What’s the best thing you did yesterday?

I found spots in my apartment for five plants I inherited from a friend. I still haven’t named them. RIP Penny the Succulent, Starkeisha the purple waffle, Sister Mary Clarence the neon pothos, and Rita Louise the croton. I feel more equipped to keep this set alive.

I’ve done ballet workouts two days in a row, cooked dinner, and even cleaned my kitchen before bed, so everything feels possible right now. With ho-ass Winter bringing her raggedy, foot-faced ass back in a few months, (and knowing how colder months and darker days tend to make my spirit ashy), I’m trying to get these routines, restorative practices, and hindparts in check before Kwanzaa cake season rolls around.

*spreads 11 previous Daily Breakfast Situation posts across the table*

It’s been very starchy around here, so Bakerita has over 50 smoothie bowl ideas to get your day and your bowels moving.

A few things to moisturize your spirit:

  • Mr. Teyana Taylor (Iman Shumpert) was a jive turkey on live TV this week.
  • Salsa queen Celia Cruz is getting a new Barbie. ¡Azúcar!
  • Here’s what happens when kids meet former members of the Black Panther Party
  • Mack Wilds opens up about navigating dark days and suicidal ideations while raising his daughter and showing up for his family

See you tomorrow.

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Alexander Hardy is a grits-powered writer, home cook, dancer, lupus survivor, and co-founder of GetSomeJoy, a creative wellness agency. He supports communities and organizations with joy-flavored wellness trainings, experiences, and campaigns as a wellness program facilitator. Alexander does not believe in snow or Delaware.



moisturizing spirits and spreading joy one story at a time.

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