Impact of GPS Technology on Businesses

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation system that renders location and time information in all weather conditions.

Imagine the time when people were seemed to be lost in the metropolitans and unable to find their way back to their residences after they travel to an unfamiliar place within the city.

Even today we find the walls of the railway station and bus-stop filled with the posters of Missing people, there; posters are mostly of elders above age of 60 or else children within age of 14.

If we think broadly, these remote and unfamiliar locations tickle even the business. When point of locomotion comes to our mins, the problems of unknown, unfamiliar locations, time consumption, fatigue, all other similar kinds of words come to everybody’s mind.

For a layman investing time to find a location may not be prime. But for enterprise it is painful, because enterprise cannot avoid travels, as it is inevitable and they cannot afford to lose their time in finding location and other confusions over location.

Since the inception of GPS, it has transformed the way of many businesses. The purpose of the GPS technology is to locate the device/vehicle/person at any point of time regardless of weather conditions. This is instrumental in realtime communication and registering Geo location.

GPS technology has been incorporated in various business verticals. Let us look at staggering share of revenue being generated between the year 2012–2022 by incorporating GPS Technology.

Organizational Roles That Can Benefit Most from GPS Technology

  • On-Field/Remote Employees
  • Sales Executives
  • Service Engineers
  • Medical Reps
  • On-Site Resources
  • CXO’s
  • Delivery Team
  • Fleet Team
  • Logistics Team
  • Healthcare Team(Doctor & Nurse)
  • Please Note : Add in your comments below if you come across more roles in an enterprise where this GPS technology can be implemented & used effectively for organization benefits.

4 Benefits of GPS Technology that Transform Businesses

#1 Boon for Location Based Services

Technology is driving the businesses in a possible advanced way. The number of business opportunities is being created and driven by GPS technology, which acts as a core of such businesses. These businesses are primarily location centric. GPS negates the location constraints and acts as an enabler of the services that are solving the customer problems. We can take an example of local cab services which are rendering services based on GPS technology. This is solving real pain of the customers for local travel regardless of the time and location they reside. Basically, this service helps customers to travel within city or to other cities. This system needs application to be installed on mobile device to detect the location through GPS.

#2 Instant Update on Real-Time activity

GPS is connected virtual world in the software applications. A person with a GPS system in his/her Smartphone or the technology devices can be connected to the GPS receiver system and observe the updates of that person in real-time, how great is this offer. In case of remote employee who is working in the most uncommunicative place and still system can track his activity and enable the communication with him in real-time. So virtually you can be anywhere in the world and still be connected in the real-time.

#3 Tracking Systems for Transportation

GPS enables to have an accurate tracking system for the transportation system. It collects vehicle location and sends data to receiver system. This will help to check the proper modulation for fleet management and control your vehicles. This alone, let’s enables to have communication with drivers and create work orders and create alerts system as per requirement. And in case of stolen vehicle, recovery can be done with GPS tracking. So the GPS is helping transportation in many ways. It is almost impossible even to imagine tracking system without GPS.

#4 On-field Workforce Management

The biggest worry for organizations is managing on-field employees time and attendance . It is always a challenge to monitor their accurate time and work schedules. However GPS system has greatly reduced most of the obstacles in the traditional workforce management. Employees can use time and attendance tracking system on their mobile and eliminate the cumbersome processes. They can use flexible clock-in and clock-out according to their tasks by just a slither on their mobile App. Employers can monitor employees through a mobile tracking system for their attendance, hassle free task management. Technology advancement made on-field workforce management easier than before.

One of the research conducted shows the impact in organizational efficiency by implementing GPS technology in their businesses.

Indeed, there are 95% of businesses in the market have seen increased efficiency, the number is staggeringly high. Increased Efficiency certainly increases business profitability. Therefore, businesses can definitely reach to the next level to grow bigger and wider.


GPS has unleashed solution to many problems related to location and time constraint. Technology integration enhanced many businesses impressively. Attractive feature of GPS is its cost, it is very low cost as compared to other navigation systems and also it has 100% coverage across the planet. One can gear up to utilize GPS technology for solving location and time constraint to make the human life much better.