A while back, our teams at Gett had an awesome in-house Hackathon, so we had a chance to explore some interesting ideas to improve Gett’s ride-hailing app and rider experience.

My team’s idea was to improve the rider experience while they wait to be matched with an available taxi, as well as during the ride itself, by developing a super simple “time-spender” single-tap game to amuse our users.

The idea for the game was a simple 2D game showcasing the player (a taxi) on the open road, with the goal of collecting as many riders as possible while avoiding COVID-19…

As part of the ride experience in Gett’s rider app, one of the most crucial aspects is our communication with the customer, but even more specifically, their satisfaction with the riding experience. We constantly strive to find new ways to let our riders know their opinion makes an impact and that we’re highly interested to know when their ride wasn’t entirely satisfactory.

With that in mind, our project managers asked us to build a new rating system for our post-ride experience. They came up with something similar to the following design:

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