Tracking down memory leaks in your RxSwift-backed app

As a new developer in your company, there are a lot of challenges. One of these challenges is how you approach an existing massive project: You don’t know the code, you’re not familiar with naming conventions or code style guides, and you also don’t know the architecture. Some of these challenges can be solved quickly, while some of them can take some time. One of the good and bad things in being a newbie is that you might naively accept hard challenges without an understanding of what you’re getting into.

One of the issues we, as a team, had with…

Creating delightful, animated routes for your user’s journey

Apple’s MapKit lets you place custom overlays on specific map coordinates, which will then be rendered as part of the map and will move along with any map panning and movements.

One of the types of overlays you can add is a Polyline. A polyline is basically a group of Coordinates describing a route on the map. For example, you could represent a route between two coordinates on the map, like so:

Gett together route

Rendering a Polyline is a relatively straightforward task, but we wanted to take it a step further and present an animated version of this route, to convey to…

RxSwift & MVVM, Custom Animations, and Gett Delivery with Firebase

On January 30th we had our annual iOS meetup at Gett HQ, and it was a blast! Thank all of you for showing up. 💗📱

If you didn’t know about this meetup, be sure to sign up to our Meetup Page so you can enjoy any future meetups we organize 🤓

As promised, the recorded talks were uploaded to our YouTube channel, and are also listed here, for your convenience. Enjoy!

RxSwift & MVVM: Your First Steps

by Shai Mishali
(Hebrew, with English subtitles)

Come and learn how to get started with RxSwift and MVVM. What is really an architecture, and what MVVM aims to solve…

Welcome to Gett’s new Engineering blog! This is where individuals from our R&D will share stories, code samples, tips, thoughts, and experiments from their day-to-day work. We hope you’ll join us periodically and enjoy a quick break in your daily routine to learn some new techniques and enrich yourselves.

When you work with RxSwift, and Rx in general, every now and then you’ll discover some new piece of information that wasn’t entirely obvious to you until you’ve “hit a wall” and had to dig deeper. One of these common pitfalls is the concept of Resource Sharing. …

Gett Engineering

Code, stories, tips, thoughts, experimentations from the…

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