If You’re Quadriplegic, Here are 5 Apps you Should Definitely Use

Tecla has over 2,000 users all around the world who are unable to use touch screens, but who’ve really mastered their smart devices — all by using their assistive switches.

Image of woman in wheelchair reading

Based on their feedback, here are the apps we’d recommend for anyone who’s quadriplegic and using a smart device like a tablet or smartphone.

1. iBooks App (available on iOS)

Many Tecla users have a difficult time handling papers or the pages within a book, so downloading an eBook reader app can provide unlimited access to books — you just need your preferred assistive switch and the Tecla Shield. We recommend the iBooks app as it’s the most accessible of all similar apps currently on the market. For Android users, an alternative option is the Kindle app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

Screenshot of iBooks

2. Remote by Apple (available on iOS)

This is a handy app for playing movies and shows on your TV with your AppleTV. You can also play your music collection that’s stored on your computer. With this app, you can do this all… all from your iPhone or iPad.

Screenshot of AirPlay

3. Netflix (available on iOS and Android)

With the Netflix app, you can play and watch movies independently. You can also play them on a big screen using Apple TV. Need we say more?

Screenshot fo Netflix

4. Harmony (available on iOS and Android)

The Harmony app works in combination with an additional piece of hardware, which can make your phone operate as a universal remote control. With this setup, you can control all your infrared-based devices like your TV and stereo. Harmony also accesses home automation devices like WiFi-enabled light bulbs and the Nest Thermostat.

Screenshot of the Harmony App

5. Strava (available on iOS and Android)

This app comes recommended by Tecla user Todd Stabelfeldt. It’s an app that’s designed to track your running and cycling, but Todd uses it to track his wheelchair’s mileage as he zips around town — all by using Switch Control and Tecla.

Photo of iPhone using Strava app

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