15 Best Team-Building Games to Boost Morale When Working Remotely

Remote workers often feel isolated, lonely, and lack face-to-face connections. Here’s how to do remote team building.

Remote team building is very different from in-person team activities.

With the right techniques, a remote team can be even more closely knit than an office crew.

1. Icebreaker Questions

2. Fun Slack Channels

3. Guess the Emoji Board

4. Tour de Home

5. Office Playlist

6. Donut Date (Slack Extension)

For employees that live in the same city, they can even meet up in real life and share drinks or lunch.

7. Virtual Workout Session

To make it more accessible, choose a workout that suits all body types and is free of charge.

8. Virtual Book Club

9. Remote Team Dinner

For a special experience, the company can surprise employees with food deliveries so they can enjoy different dishes to what they’d normally have.

10. Food Recipe Squad

11. Movie Night

12. Typing Speed Race

13. Virtual Pub Crawl

14. Never Have I Ever

15. Virtual Dance Party

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