5 Ways To Incentivise And Motivate Your Remote Team

Money is not the only thing that motivates people — here’s how to give simple rewards with huge benefits to your employees.

Your organization will be looking to avoid giving someone a gift or reward that may demotivate or negatively impact other people.

Another thing to note is that money is not the only thing that motivates people.

1. Give employees free applications and software.

These tools are not required for the company’s work, but they’ll help individuals work better.

2. Get feedback from your team.

This will enable you to tailor your organisation to meet your team’s needs.

3. Trust your team members.

Trust is significant if you want to see your team do their best work.

You only need to be clear on the result you want and give them the freedom to work towards it.

4. Offer performance-based bonuses

After each big project that they complete, give each person a bonus for the work they’ve done.

5. Offer your team CPD — Continuous Professional Development.

Be sure to communicate with them to get to know their professional needs and the skill development courses they need to take.


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