7 States of Being That Beat Hard Skills in Any Industry Any Day of the Week

Some call them soft skills, but to capture them one must embrace a certain state of mind

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How can you ensure your team thrives in a 24-hour, boundaryless world?

1. Be a master communicator

Be relatable, authentic, and certainly be consistent in tone, delivery, messaging, and behavior.

2. Be appropriately innovative

Teams should be able to concentrate on a project, not on continuously learning yet another complicated new platform or system.

3. Be creative in your role

4. Be gratefully collaborative

Actively encourage and facilitate collaboration wherever possible.

5. Be emotionally intelligent

Make sure everyone has equal representation, opportunities, and voice.

6. Be culturally aware

The world has gotten quite small.

7. Believe in the power of etiquette

Etiquette is about consistently and thoughtfully treating people with kindness and respect.

Cracking Social Codes for Good| International Cultural Consultant | https://twitter.com/heididulebohn

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