9 Myths About AI in the Workplace

No, AI is not causing mass unemployment.

Myth 1: “AI will take over our jobs”

In fact, a study suggests that AI will take over 1.8 million jobs and create 2.3 million new ones.

Myth 2: “AI Disaster is Coming”

So, the thought that AI apocalypse is imminent is just a fallacy.

Myth 3: “AI Will Replace Unskilled and Manual Workers”

Myth 4: “AI-enabled devices will be smarter than humans at doing anything”

The fact that super-computers will become smarter than humans in doing anything is still a misconception.

Myth 5: “AI has similar cognitive thought as humans”

Myth 6: “AI is a complex technology to embrace”

Myth 7: “There is no difference between AI, data mining, and machine learning”

One of the robots that checks in guests at Henn-na Hotel. (AP). Image from The Atlantic.

Myth 8: “AI and robots are the same thing”

“Computers help us with information tasks and robots help us with physical tasks.” — Adrienne LaFrance in The Atlantic

Myth 9: “AI can’t collaborate effectively with Humans’

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Transforming Your Workplace

41% of brands are using AI technologies in the workforce.

AI in HR

AI in Marketing

Just imagine you order pizza and it is delivered to your doorstep by a robot. That’s what Domino’s is doing currently.

DRU (Domino Robotic Unit) is now called DOM.

AI and Customer Support

87% of customers want brands to put more effort into providing better support on all channels.

AI and Project Management

AI will be able to track tasks in a more advanced way.

Final Thoughts

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