Hi5 Slack app 2.0 🙌

We’ve launched a new and improved Slack app — here’s what it offers.

Our original Slack app was launched in May 2017 and up until now you could enjoy a real-time feed of your company’s Hi5’s in a dedicated Slack #channel, as well as receive important notifications such as when ratings are due, when a Hi5 gets crowned and when new employees join the team.

So, what could we possibly have improved on with our Slack integration, you may ask? 🤓 It’s elementary! You can now give Hi5’s using Slack!

How it works.

To give a Hi5 on our new Slack app, you will type something like the following:
/hi5 @ashley You did a great job today! #gif

Let’s break it down:

  • /hi5 — starts the command to give a Hi5.
  • @ashley — the Slack handle of the person in your company you are giving the Hi5 to. This example features Ashley 😜 You can only @ mention one person for the Hi5 (in other words, no Team Hi5's).
  • You did a great job today! — the Hi5 reason or message you are giving. This will be your own text, obviously!
  • #gif (optional) — assigns a random Giphy GIF of a high five for fun!

You can type the commands in any channel or conversation — the Hi5’s will automatically appear in the integrated Slack #channel!

Good to know: You can only give Hi5’s to people who are both in your company and in your integrated Slack #channel.

More, please.

Below are all the commands you can type in your Hi5 Slack #channel:

/hi5 @ — start giving a Hi5 to someone.
/hi5 help
— the quick Hi5 help guide.
/hi5 received — see how many Hi5’s you’ve received.
/hi5 given — see how many Hi5’s you’ve given.
/hi5 avail — see how many Hi5’s you have left to give.

If you’ve already been using Hi5 with Slack and want to be able to use the new commands, you will first need to remove the previous app. Here’s how:

You’ve never integrated Hi5 with Slack before? Follow the steps below to get started:

To Note: Only users with Admin access will be able to integrate Hi5 with Slack.

Step 1

Create a Slack channel that you will integrate with Hi5 — this is the place where co-workers will be able to give Hi5’s and see the company Hi5 feed. They will also receive notifications on important happenings, as well as reminders to Hi5 and Rate each other!

Step 2

On your Hi5 Dashboard, click on the Add to Slack button in the top right corner.

Step 3

A page with instructions will open. Read and follow them carefully and then click the Add to Slack button at the bottom.

Step 4

Make sure you have chosen the correct Slack team, then select the #channel that you created in Step 1. Click Authorize.

Step 5

Once successful, enjoy the confetti 🎉 😊 and then click Close.
If you ever want to change the Slack #channel you use for Hi5, just follow the same steps as above — it will override your previous choice.

Removing previous Hi5 Slack app integration.

Step 1

In your Slack app, click on your Workspace name to open the menu. Choose Customize Slack. A new browser window will open.

Step 2

In the new browser window, click on the Home icon next to your Workspace name to go to your main Slack dashboard.

Step 3

Scroll to the bottom to see a list of your Recently Added Applications. If Hi5 doesn’t appear on this list, click on the link View all installed apps.

Then, choose Hi5 on your Apps list.

Step 4

Scroll to the bottom of the Hi5 Slack App Homepage and click on the red button that says Remove App.

After you’ve done this, you can integrate Hi5 with Slack again following the steps in this article to start using Hi5 Slack app 2.0!



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