Work from Home Burnout: Causes and Cures

What you need to do to avoid the burnout caused by constant accessibility when you work from home.

75% of working from home employees experienced burnout; about 40% of those people mentioned the COVID-19 pandemic as a catalyst in this process.

Even though remote working comes with many benefits and a high level of productivity, the stress and burnout rate is a real and unavoidable topic.

Cause: Endless Productivity Hours.

Cure: Stick to a Routine.

Cause: Working Solo.

As you work remotely, there may be times when your co-workers won’t be steady enough and you are left isolated with a huge load of work.

Cure: Building Connections.

Form teams for the discussion of topics and any other matters where you need input from others.

Cause: Surroundings and Ambience.

As stress triggers, it alters our normal mental functioning and causes mistakes and errors in our work.

Cure: A proper setup

Instead of being all over the place, turn an area in your house into a workplace.

Final Thoughts

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