Working Alone: Managing Workplace Safety Issues for Remote Employees

How employers can address and remedy remote workplace safety issues with employees.

It’s important to know what your responsibilities as an remote employer are and what actions you may need to take.

Employers Are Still Responsible

1. Work-Related Injuries

  1. The first is when and where the injury took place. Was it in the designated work space in their home and during office hours?
  2. Second, they’ll look at what the employee was doing when the injury occurred. Was it work-related?
  3. Last, they’ll ask for a safety policy for your remote employees. (More on this policy below.)

2. Mental Wellbeing

3. Assisting With Upgrades to Their Work Setup

Do a Risk Assessment of Their Homes

1. Look For Proper Lighting, Ventilation And Heating

2. Check Their Work Station

Help your employees to set up their desk and chair at the right height and the right levels for optimum posture.

3. Ensure You Have Proper Lines Of Contact

You need to have several options for communication in case one isn’t working.

4. Set Up Procedures for Emergencies

You can include your employees in the setup of these documents so they can help brainstorm potential pitfalls.

The Last Word

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