Working Well: Improving Your Mental Health While Working at Home

The nudge you need to do more for your mental health while working from home.

Productivity may be sky high, but it certainly has impacted even the busiest of bees.

The Mental Impacts of Working from Home

1. Feeling Isolated

While the office was a source of connecting with your coworkers, working from home lessened the social aspect of an office environment.

2. Increased Feelings of Stress and Pressure

Burnout was a very real experience for me throughout 2020 as the boundary between work and home got blurred, and it may have been your reality as well as you shifted to the WFH life.

How to Work Well When Working From Home

It was a lot and I had to just humble myself, remember the Psychology courses I did in university and admit that I just wasn’t coping so well with life.

1. Don’t forget to connect with others

2. Stick to a set schedule

3. Incorporate exercise into your routine

4. Say no, and mean it


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