Defining and Applying Real Consumer Engagement in Healthcare

By Accolade

Accolade presents at Oliver Wyman Healthcare Innovation Summit, September 22–23

The Oliver Wyman Healthcare Innovation Summit kicks off this week and Accolade executives are thrilled to be invited again to present on a topic that’s at the heart of our business: From Insights to Impact: Making Engagement Make Business Sense. We know a thing or two about it. Our model applies a blend of compassion, science and technology to engage consumers at the right time — often before a care event — which then drives significant business results for our customers and extraordinary satisfaction levels for consumers.

Our COO Tom Spann will peel back the layer a bit on our engagement and influence platform, and the approach that impacts bottom lines — and consumers’ lives — most dramatically. Here’s a quick snapshot of the insights we look forward to sharing in the presentation and individual meetings this week.

1. The most effective engagement approach requires a blend of human interaction and technology to achieve meaningful, personalized healthcare experiences that realize the triple aim — better health, reduced costs and better experience.

2. The application of influence science within the engagement model presents a 360-degree view of the individual — including behavioral health and life factors that impact decisions, to claims, care plans and benefits design — all of which adds value across the engagement continuum.

3. Millions of consumer interactions have shown us how and when healthcare decisions are made, and machine learning allows us to continuously apply these insights back into the solution. It’s crucial to have a technology platform and interfaces that fully leverage the data and insights you get from human interaction.

4. Every point of engagement — no matter the reason or device on which it occurs — is a gateway to strengthening the relationship and gathering more rich data, the right data, earlier.

5. Our continuous learning has gotten us this far and natural language processing is the next ticket to the game — those not already investing here are way behind.

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