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Submission Guidelines

How to Write for ‘Getting Into Chess’

Getting Into Chess
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2 min readSep 8, 2022

Getting Into Chess is accepting submissions. Example topics include…

  • News
  • Strategy and tactics
  • Puzzles
  • Tournament recaps
  • Player profiles and interviews
  • Book reviews
  • Reviews of TV or film that feature chess
  • Essays about chess in media or culture
  • Chess variants
  • Chess in education
  • Chess and politics
  • Etc.

So long as the article involves chess, we’re interested.

All submissions must be your original work. Submissions must meet Medium’s curation guidelines. You must proofread your article before submitting. Keep outside links to the bare minimum. Text, titles, and topics may be edited for readability and effect.

You may meter your articles through Medium’s Partner Program. You may also embed Audience Development links into your article. Links/buttons for Membership Referrals, Email Subscriptions, and Tipping are all good.

You retain all rights to everything submitted to and published in Getting Into Chess. As a courtesy, please do not remove articles from the publication once they are published.

If you’re interested in being a writer for Getting Into Chess, leave a Response or Private Note on this article.

Once you’ve been added to the publication, you can submit drafts. We also accept previously posted articles, so long as they’re evergreen or relatively recent.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.



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