Organization, Step Three: Results

It’s been a few days of me following my schedules and for the most part, not much has truly changed. I still get my work done like I was before. However, one change I do notice is that I am more conscious of when I’m doing thing that don’t advance me in my academics. For example, I’m starting to realize how much of a waste of time playing video games is. Also, when I write my goals down, I tend to complete them more often. For example, my dad has been trying to convince me to start reading the news more so I can understand how the stock market works. I always brushed off this advice, but this scheduling thing has made me realize how important it is just to dedicate a little bit of my day to reading. Now, when I wake up in the mornings, I read at least two articles from the Wall Street Journal about different events in the market. Then, I write a short little summary about these stories. Here’s what I wrote earlier today.


“Tech Selloff, North Korea Threats Keep a Lid on Stocks

· What are haven assets

· Why does the Japanese Yen rise when markets stutter

· The Chairwoman of the federal reserve is Janet Yellen

Summary: Yesterday was a down day in the market generally across the board. Everything from the bond market to Asia stocks were down. This seems to be attributed to many things but mainly: the ongoing conflict between NK and US, the elections in Germany, and a suspected rise in rates set out by the federal reserve.

“Brazil Lets In Big Oil Firms After Keeping Them Out for a Decade”

Basically, 10 years ago, when Brazil seemed to be on the rise, they found a huge amount of oil in a ultra deep layer called “sub salt” of the coast. Instead of letting companies bid for drilling rights, Brazil shut out all foreign companies in an attempt to have domestic companies profit. However, the price of oil has since fallen so greatly (due to shale drilling) that the oil is far less profitable. Brazil is now opening bidding to outside firms for the first time in a decade to give them more of a boost in their economy.

As you can see, I almost take these like personal notes for later learning. It’s a very important part of my schedule.

Otherwise, results have been pretty average. I think I was already pretty organized, but this new scheduling certainly helps.

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