Hi, my name is Sandy.

I am a normal human woman (tm) who is recovering from anxiety + panic + ptsd.

After a lifetime of constant stress and anxiety, of abuse from both others and my own self, I finally had a full-blown panic attack 5 minutes into the year 2017.

I haven’t felt like the same person since.

It felt like the world came crashing down and I would never be safe again.

The internet was always a sanctuary for me growing up, so it makes sense that I’m returning to the mostly-benevolent hive mind as a place to feel less scared and alone.

I’ve already found so much hope and helpful advice and free resources to help me feel better and get stronger.

My intent with writing here is to help myself. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll also help someone else.

To start, I want to share a link to a personal story that has brought me a lot of comfort along with practical advice. I revisit this article often because it was the first one I came across that brought me a lasting sense of hope.

Two of the tactics Louise mentions here — developing a “bring it on” attitude and using your sense of humor as a weapon against panic + fear — have often meant the difference between calmness and despair during those never-ending bus rides, insomniac nights, and mid-afternoon freak-outs at the office.

If you are one of the many, the anxious, the freaky-outie — you might find some comfort here, too:

Panic Attack, Agoraphobia and PTSD: An Abuse Survivor’s Journey


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