What is Getting Sh** Done all about?

A lousy introduction.

Hours of Labour, Sweat, Blood. This is not what Getting Sh** Done is all about. I happen to be a Master Planner, who recently fell into the procrastination ring (Well, not recently, I believe it’s been seeping into me for about a year now), and before I forget who I was, I believe, it’s the right time to hit the reset button and as I do so, share what I have learnt.

Hitting the Reset Button! Now!

I am a 23 year old guy, who is as ordinary as it comes, who has happened to come across some success, partly because of some good luck, and partly because of some astute planning.

I am a 23 year old student at a Law School. I built and sold a Legal Solutions business when I was 22. At 21, I was helping some of the most reputable Startups and Companies in my country close deals with investors and clients.

At 18, I had failed the IIT-JEE (Because I deserved to!), a highly competitive Engineering Examination that I had been preparing for 24 months. At 23, I had traveled the better part of a continent, met some amazing people and had myriad experiences, good and bad.

Along the years, I built a stack of skills that have helped me execute projects that could be difficult to do for a lot of people in my country.

Getting Sh** Done is my way of sharing these skills with others. And somehow getting rid of my own newly found procrastination.

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