Getting Social in August

The ups and downs in the world of social this August

Ahh autumn, we meet again... With summer finally over and done with (obviously we’re joking), its time for us to reflect on the month that was. In summary, August saw Twitter let us in on some of their secrets, Snapchat get a little more inclusive and of course, the ALS Ice Bucket phenomenon swept us all off our feet. Some other things happened on the world wide web too, as outlined in more detail below. Read on.

Facebook began targeting ads using mobile signal…
Last month, Facebook announced that advertisements can be targeted to users based on the strength of their network signal. Advertisers now have the ability to limit data-heavy adverts to people with strong 4G connections and conversely run light-bandwidth text ads for those with a lesser signal. The development means Facebook can roll out more expensive ad products without too much concern about videos lagging on mobile.

…and cracked down on click-bait headlines.
Chances are you’ve come across (at least) one click-bait style headline today. “Click-baiting” headlines occur when a publisher posts a link with a headline that doesn’t tell the full story, thus encouraging people to click through to the full article and find out more. The sheer volume of them on any given timeline make for quite a ‘spammy’ Facebook experience, so last month they introduced measures to combat it. The procedure to do so is a bit of a wordy one, so have a read here to see the full explanation.

Twitter opened its analytics to all users…
In the past, Twitter users could all but guess how many people viewed their tweets or interacted in some way with what they posted. Last month that changed due to the public release of Twitter Analytics, giving any user the ability to see the impact of their presence on the social media platform.

…and expanded its advertising network in Europe.
An additional 12 central and eastern European markets have been added to the platorm’s advertising network. Including these new markets, Twitter Ads are now available in 35 countries that span from the Middle East to Bulgaria (and a few places in-between.)

Instagram Launched Hyperlapse.
Almost four years since its inception, Instagram have just released Hyperlapse; a new app that allows users to film time lapse videos with their iPhones. Time lapse videos traditionally require the camera to be very still whilst filming, however using built-in stabilisation technology the app allows iOS users to seamlessly capture and edit moments with the click of a few buttons. Like all things Instagram, we expect to see the function rolled out to other smartphones in the coming months.

Vine (finally) allowed users to import videos from their iPhones.
Each month, over 100 million people watch vines across the web, with over 1 billion loops every day. That considered, last month the platform expanded their iOS offering, now allowing users the option to upload 15-second videos via their phones (previously videos could only be filmed on the app itself.) The new functionality is said to offer users more creative freedom, with extra editing options thrown in the mix too.

Snapchat rolled out Our Story…
Snapchat’s Our Story was introduced, allowing Snapchatters at the same event to contribute thier snaps to the same story. Provided location services are enabled, users can now simply select the ‘Our Story’ option at select events worldwide. Selected snaps will then appear publicly in the story for 24 hours.

…and is now (probably) valued at $10 billion.
According to a report from Bloomberg, the messaging app has allegedly been valued at $10 billion dollars. The growing business is currently in conversation with a number of investors to further expand its offering and with whispers circulating that the company is in chats with Google, we’re sure will be some exciting developments in the not-too-distant future.

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