Getting Social in September

The ups and downs in the world of social this September

Writing September in the title of this post felt strange. Don’t get us wrong, we’re in no way dispositioned against September, but pausing to reflect on a month whose arrival we’re still struggling to comprehend seems entirely ridiculous… Our delusions aside, last month was a big one in the ever-changing landscape of social; London’s Social Media Week came and went, Facebook changed some things and updated some other stuff, Instagram became a touch more commercialised in the UK, and whilst not an entirely ‘social’ news story, we’d be mad not to make mention of one of September’s biggest(?) happenings — the announcement and subsequent launch of Apple’s latest products. As always though, there’s more to it than that…

Facebook rolled out Atlas…
There’s no denying the vast amount of data Facebook holds on its 1.3 billion users — data that up until this point, has just been utilised by the platform to specifically target ads on its social network. The launch of this new ad platform, Atlas, will extend Facebook’s targeting capabilities to the rest of the Internet and is expected to help marketers and agencies better understand how their efforts across various channels strengthen each other.

…and updated its algorithm.
The social network’s News Feed is no stranger to updates, with this month’s edition focusing on relevant posts appearing in a more timely fashion on the News Feed. The changes will see priority given to trending topics, whilst taking into account the time and rate in which people are interacting with the post. Speaking of the News Feed…

Facebook now sees one billion video views each day.
Despite the world’s initial apprehension towards Facebook’s auto-play in-feed videos, the introduction of said functionality has seen video views on the platform grow by over 50% month-to-month from May to July this year. Since June, the company have been averaging 1 billion video views per month, with over 65% of said views occurring on mobile.

Instagram launched ads in the UK.
Following the 2013 launch of Instagram ads in the USA, we can now confirm that advertising on the platform has made it to the UK, offering brands the “opportunity to sponsor their posts and deliver them to wider audiences”. As per the US introduction, initial stages of the rollout have begun with ‘premium brands’ who already have very strong presences on Instagram, such as Cadbury, Rimmel, Starbucks, Waitrose and Sony Music — to name a few.

And almost 50% of UK and Canadian teens are using Snapchat.
The photo-sharing app enjoys its highest usage in the UK, USA, Ireland, Canada and Australia. Amongst the key teen demographic, (16–19s,) nearly half are monthly users in the UK and Canada, with the figures also topping 40% in the other three markets.

At The Eleven this month, these are a few of the stories we’ve been reading and sharing…

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