3 Ways To Put Yourself In Control Of Your 2024 Calendar

And not letting others dictate how you spend your time

Robert Drury
Getting Started in Product


Hands up who has a busy calendar?

Is that everyone with their hand up? I bet it is.

Now keep your hands up if you’re not happy with your calendar being so busy?

Is that still everyone with their hand up? I bet on that too.

The question then becomes how can you make the new calendar year the year in which you take control of your own calendar?

Make time for your own goals

First things first, you need to set yourself some goals. What are you going to achieve that’s going to help you move forward?

These could be anything; personal or work. They could be:

  • the objectives set in your annual review
  • the new product idea that you want to get off the ground
  • the new career that you’re seeking
  • the new lifestyle that you want to lead

Once you’ve got your goals, the aim is to schedule the time to move these forward.

Our calendars get busy with “stuff” so if you don’t make the time for moving forward with the things that are…



Robert Drury
Getting Started in Product

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