Do you want to write for Getting Started in Product?

Getting Started in Product is a place for tips and advice for those who want to make their way into product careers.

Writing for Getting Started in Product is an opportunity to share your experience and help those who follow you into the wonderful world of product.

Our editorial guidelines are designed with our readers’ interests in mind, and there aren’t many but it would be great if you could consider them before submitting your article.

Remember your audience might not be product experts

Try not to use jargon. Try to explain things in ways that a new person to the role might understand.

Write about your own experience for getting your foot on the product ladder

Speak from your position as a seasoned product person and share what has served you well.

Link to your sources or more information

Those seeking new roles are keen to learn more, so if you can point them at valuable sources of additional information then do. If you’re quoting someone, then linking to the original source helps people dig a little deeper.

Write and format your article for readability

Please remember to think about your article from a readers’ point of view. Shorter sentences and paragraphs help make an article more readable.

  • Write a descriptive, attention-grabbing and benefit-oriented title
  • Write an engaging introduction and let people know what to expect from the article
  • Add images to make it more engaging
  • Use subheadings to distinguish key topics
  • Avoid overuse of capitalization and bolding.
  • Write between 750 and 1,500 words

Submit your article

If this is your first time writing for Getting Started in Product then you can send an email to

We will let you know once we add you as a contributor, then you can upload your story directly through Medium.



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