Why Developing Your Adaptability Will Save Your Career

And why ignoring the inevitable will kill you dead

In 2018 Deloitte published a document entitled “The Adaptable Organization Harnessing a networked enterprise of human resilience”, in which they looked at how successful organizations of the future will operate with a philosophy of change, empowering global corporations to behave in the manner of a start-up and become more agile.

With organizations becoming more agile, the onus is on individuals to also be more adaptable in order…




Product related roles have grown considerably over the past five years, which means an influx of people who are starting out in a new skills area. Getting Started in Product aims to support these people make the transition.

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Robert Drury

Robert Drury

Helping people kick start their product management career with product coaching, job application prep, and product resources at gettingstartedinproduct.com

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