things to remember when reading a non fiction

  • no need to finish. you’ll know when to stop
  • no need to go linearly. you can skip around
  • no need to read everything on the page before continuing
  • when you’re stuck, try reading backwards from the last sentence up. don’t worry, it’s probably not you, some books are not written in an easily digestible way
  • if things aren’t making sense because your mental bandwidth is low, get up, stretch, take couple of deep breaths, or take a nap
  • you don’t need to remember or understand everything on the page before moving onto the next page
  • but do try to get some high level understanding of one or two key ideas or main points from the page
  • if you reread the book and can’t you’ve even read those exact same words, don’t think that you’ve failed or wasted your time
  • reading is more like shaping your mind, claymaking
  • for example, being aware that these x y and z factors affect the GDP is more useful than remembering the exact percentage that factor is moving
  • and chill, you don’t need to immediately remember which three
  • well, unless you’re studying for an exam! then engage your curiosity more. find ways to make it interesting.
  • details don’t matter as much in concept books
  • while for technical books, you better have your tools open when reading to apply and verify the material hands on
  • books are for rereading. the best books are where you find new things each time
  • things takes time to stick
  • and things take practice to master
  • you don’t need to read them fast. reading is not a competitive sport. you’ll know some stuff for now and you’ll be blissfully ignorant on others for now. the important thing is to know which ones they are, and until when
  • go into a book with at least some questions you’d like to get clues and pointers on. then hunt for them by skimming, flipping, finding keywords, or making a guess at the table of content. why did you pick the book up? what did you want to know?



How can we learn, think, and communicate better? We all want to understand the world around us. We want to be a better thinker, make better decisions, grow, learn faster and deeper, and be heard & seen in this world.

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