Three ways to learn

There are three ways to learn: knowing something, doing something, and becoming something.

I know it sounds vague and philosophical. But here it is illustrated better.



Another way of framing this is:

  1. First, you conceptualise. You find out what something is.
  2. Then, you contextualise. You engage with it more, trying to see how it fits into your situation in the past, present, or possible future. “Why do I need this”, “when do I need this”.
  3. Last, you actualise. You apply the What. You now not only know the How, but you experienced and carried it out until the point that it became natural — a part of you.

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How can we learn, think, and communicate better? We all want to understand the world around us. We want to be a better thinker, make better decisions, grow, learn faster and deeper, and be heard & seen in this world.

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