Success story — Union’s Airdrop

Overwhelming response received ! One Million given away within 24 hours!

Union team is happy to announce the success of our Airdrop campaign! Key highlights are as follows-

  • 1,000,000 UNI tokens distributed within 24 hrs
  • 1 airdrop = 150 UNI(~$5) token
  • 25 UNI token per referral
  • Earned tokens disbursement after token sale

Our team is thankful to all the participants for showing such excitement and making our Airdrop campaign successful. We had planned to distribute 1 million token during the campaign which were consumed within 24 hrs of our Airdrop launch.

Those who missed the opportunity connect with us on Telegram and follow on Twitter to get updates on upcoming White-listing process and crowdfunding.

Join our white-list to get 50% bonus during crowdfunding. Visit our website for more details.

Thanks again for showing interest and support. Feel free to reach us on our telegram group or drop your comments here!

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