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GetWidget Two Week Journey


Hey Everyone,

First of Fall Thanks for your support and feedback to all. Since we have released on 16th Jan 2020, our Flutter Open-Source UI Library GetFlutter on GitHub. It has been a great journey till now. We have been kept trending on GitHub and getting a nice response from your end. If you check out Today trending still we have been trending on GitHub repo in Dart Language as well as all language.

GitHub Trending Repo of the Day:

You can find our repo on top of the GitHub Dart Trending List

Even we have been getting on avg 1k visitors per day (As per Google Analytics) and keep increasing, those have been reading our documentation on a daily basis and keep getting feedback to make a more perfect and one the largest Flutter open-source libraries.

If you have not used or check our GetWidget open-source library then read out why we should use GetFlutter and what are the benefits that.

Again, Thanks to all. Please keep sharing your feedback with us that really help us to build the best Flutter open-source library.

You can Check out our documentation and how to use our GetWidget Library through the below resource.

GitHub Repo:
Pub Packages:



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