Operating Without A Safety Net

Operating Without A Safety Net

I remember being a brash young Network Engineer.

It was my first day working for a major Internet Service Provider.
I was hired along with 10 other people in various different groups.

Part of the on boarding process involved meeting the CEO.

In that meeting he said something that stuck with me.

He said and I quote: “At this company you will have the opportunity to succeed and to fail.”

Being a young hot shot engineer had I never heard anyone use the word fail before.

I had been in the IT industry about eight years and while there were challenges, no one had ever told me before that I would fail.

Honestly, it scared the crap out of me.

Nowadays when on boarding new employees I tell them the same thing.

At this company you will have the opportunity to succeed and to fail.

I follow that up with the notion that to be successful at anything — you will have to fail at something.

Working in the tech industry can be challenging and rewarding them all at the same time.

The ability to build our problem-solving muscles it’s a great experience.
The opportunity to help others is amazing.

Okay — I’m off to solve the world’s computing problems now… one computer at a time.

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