Put Me In Coach

I lived in a baseball house.

And as a result — growing up at my house we played and watched a lot of baseball.

I started Tee Ball when I was 4 and baseball continued to be part of my life well into my teens.

Each year I would work my butt off to be the best that I could.

I would volunteer for the tough positions that others didn’t want.

I really wanted to be there.

Baseball was everything to me.

As I grew older and started my professional career I followed the same pattern.

I worked my butt off and I really wanted to be there.

Bottom of the ninth bases-loaded — It’s where I want to be.
Practicing for the big game — It’s where I want to be.
Hanging out in the dugout — It’s where I want to be.
Winning the championship — It’s where I want to be.

I don’t play baseball anymore.

But the lessons I learned as a kid stayed with me.

Being part of a winning team.
Pushing yourself to be the best you can.
There’s nothing like it.

It’s where I want to be.

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