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The team at Gfycat is thrilled to announce GIFs with sound! Starting today, you have the option to keep sound in your videos or convert them as usual into the high-quality GIFs you’ve come to know and love on Gfycat.

We routinely ask Gfycat users what they would like to see next in terms of functionality and sound was the most requested feature in our latest survey. Content creators have been asking for the ability to preserve sound from everything ranging from the commentary of major football moments to savage CS:GO kills to the beat behind the latest Thanos dance emote for Fortnite.

Creating GIFs with Sound

When directly uploading video files, first select whether you want to keep or remove sound before grabbing the file(s) to upload. If you upload a .gif file or a video file that has no sound, we’ll detect that on our end.

Select to keep or remove sound prior to uploading your video(s)

Our GIF creator allows you to edit a video to the best start and stop time as well as add captions to your GIF. You can enable sound to help you edit down the perfect GIF moment even if you don’t want to keep sound in the video. We’ve made that distinction clear in sound to assist with your editing versus your decision to keep or remove sound in the finished GIF.

Use sound while editing your video as well as select to keep or remove sound from the finished GIF

Viewing GIFs with Sound

The default for watching GIFs with sound on all Gfycat viewing pages and embeds is “sound off” with the option to turn it on when you are watching.

We’ve all been the victim of unintended sound blasting out of our computer while browsing Reddit or on our phones scrolling through stories and videos. A prominent sound icon shows on all GIFs with sound as you can see directly below.

GIFs with Sound Going Forward

GIFs with sound on Gfycat work on all mobile and desktop browsers. The sound option to keep or remove sound while uploading or creating GIFs is available to all registered creator accounts on Gfycat. We will roll out support for sound on the Gfycat iOS and Android apps starting in 2019 as well as update our GIF creation API documentation to make this functionality available to all developers.

Please send us your thoughts and suggestions if you’d like to share them. Start uploading and creating GIFs with sound today!

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