Is Gwent the Next Big eSport?

The Witcher card game “Gwent” has been released to open beta and you can find it at If you have no clue what the new card game is check out their awesome new cinematic trailer below.

I played the game for a couple hours and I had a lot of fun! The mechanics of the game are very new and interesting. Each match is a best 2 of 3 series and to win each round you have to have more strength than your opponent. The game is full of voice overs for cards and narrators along with great artwork!

I don’t think that Gwent can beat out Hearthstone but I think it has the chance to be a great game. Hearthstone is a bright and colorful game with a very easy to use feel. The user interface is a lot more friendly to people who have never played a card game before. Gwent has a couple of bugs to work out before the final version but I hope to see it on top of Twitch next to Hearthstone!

I would love to know your thoughts on the game. Head on over to and check it out while the open beta is still available.